Los eslabones de alexis




The organization of artistic and literary contest reports that:

- Thanks for the excellent reception given to the catalog of the traveling exhibition "The links of Alexis," which meant that exhaustion of catalogs offered through this website and most of those offered in the rooms where he performed the collection.

- Likewise, despite the above, has not received any registration form to participate in the competitions set out by this organization.

- Meeting the organization and the artist Alexis, has taken the decision not to reconvene therein (art contest and writing contest) facing the new season of the exhibition.

- Likewise, meeting the organization and the artist Alexis, and thanks to all those who have already acquired the catalog (and at the express wish of the artist), it was agreed to draw a "portrait, a key link" between all those registration forms are received. (The bases will be forthcoming in the Sweepstakes section).

The organization.